How to mirror Android to Android phone

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How to mirror Android to Android phone

Mirror Android to Android phone : Today in this post we will see how your mobile screen looks on your branded mobile.

So what’s the use for us, your branded mobile knows exactly what you use on your mobile, if you want to give information about an application on your mobile or any mobile, you can use this method to tell it very easily.

How to mirror Android to Android phone

  1. If you see the name to run this application Inkwire Screen Share + Assist
  2. They have given 4.3 Rating for this application
  3. More than 5 Million People have Downloaded it.
Install this Application

You must have internet connection on your mobile phone to use this application. Whose mobile are you going to share the screen with? Their mobile phone should also be connected to the internet.

If you open this application, you will be given two options.

How to mirror Android to Android phone 1




Shard this Android for another user to see

SHARE Uses Share to transfer screen from your mobile to another mobile.


See a Shared Android

  • Access means that if you want to see the mobile screen with others on yours, give access.
  • Now it is common to think of sharing from one mobile to another friend’s mobile. Click the share button.
  • Click Add Button Now. After sharing, there is a Start Now button below, click on it.
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Share access code

  • It will automatically generate a line on click.
  • A different line comes and generates the access code for each switch.
  • Now a line is visible on the screen. Send this code to whoever you share your screen with.
  • They must have installed this app on their mobile. Internet connection should also be online.

Enter access code

After that open the app and click access. It will ask you to enter the line. You have to tell your friend the correct mobile number and ask them to enter. If you have entered, you have to give access. Now automatically your mobile screen will come in a short time and start showing to them.

Enable microphone
  • The microphone will ask if you are doing voice chat.
  • If you are using headphones, please enable the microphone.
  • If not, no thanks, click on it.
  • So if you think that your brand should ask all the instructions you type in your mobile phone.

Voice chat

Here they have given an option of voice chat. If you turn it on, your brand will hear everything you say.

How to mirror Android to Android phone 2

Turn on this option if you want. Have you turned on the voice chat option in the mobile phone next door. Echo in this and Echo in this will give you a lot of sound.

So, only when you are far away, turn on the voice chat option and hide it.

Now everything you use on your mobile will mirror your friend’s mobile.

But if you see this, 1 & 2 second comes and delay is the process.

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Use high speed internet as much as possible. It is very fast on 4G network until it is finished. If you use 3G network, there will be a little delay.

But this does not come as a direct process. It will take 2-3 seconds for your network connection to reach their network.

After using all this, if you think that you don’t need this brand mobile phone. If you click the back button on their mobile, you will be asked to exit. Click OK and you will be returned to the access code dialog. If you click the back button again, the options will return to the old ones.

This is the same if you look at the main mobile to share, it will be on that sharing page. No matter how many times you close and open this application, it remains on that sharing page. So if you want to correct this, go to the recent application. Close this application.

Open the application again from the home page. Coming from you first. If you want to return, you can.

Use this method wherever you are in the world. You can mirror your mobile screen to someone else. Do not forget to tell us in the comment section below if you found this application useful. Thanks to all friends who have seen this post.

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