How to Hide Apps on Android Without App in Settings!!

Hide Apps on Android

How To Hide Apps On Android Phone!

Hide Apps on Android : hiding apps is a good way to protect your privacy and if your phone is used by your child it’s a good way to keep the unwanted apps away from them hide apps option is not available for every android device and slightly different from device to device but if you want to hide apps then.

In this Post i will show you two methods to hide apps. on your android phone method one hide apps from settings

Method 1. Hide Apps from Settings.

How to hide apps on android without launcher

This method works on most versions of android phones. the option to hide apps is available on the device itself.

Open settings – scroll down and tap on home screen.

Hide Apps on Android

Scroll down and select hide apps. The top portion of this screen shows the hidden apps and the bottom portion shows all apps. To hide an app, touch on the app in the all apps section of the screen. To unhide an app touch on the app in the hidden apps section of the screen.

Method 2. installing an App Hider

Method two. Installing an app Hider. A number of app hider and launcher apps exist in the google play store. Choosing the right launcher app depends on your preference. Microsoft launcher lets you hide apps on your android phone is from the house of. Microsoft start by installing the Microsoft launcher app on your device once the app is installed.

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How to Hide Apps on Android Without App in Settings!!

Simply open it. give the required permissions make Microsoft launcher you default to hide apps using Microsoft launcher, long-tap an empty space on the home screen and select launcher settings. Go to home screen. Tap on hidden apps. Then, tap on hide apps and select the apps to make them. Invisible. to unhide the apps, repeat the steps and tap on unhide next to the app.

The launcher offers more features related to hidden apps. Those include adding a password and enabling apps in the dock.

To access these settings, tap on the settings icon at the top of the hidden app screen.

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