How to get call history of any mobile number

How to get call history of any mobile number

Hello everyone, what are we going to see in this post today? How does it come and take a person’s call history? Let’s look at that section. Use anything for good. Don’t use it for any wrong thing. Use it only for good thing.

Have you seen how it comes and takes it? We can only take it through an application.

This Application Name : E2PDF SMS Backup Restore

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10M+ people have downloaded this app.


call details

The download link of this app is given at the end of this post.

  1. Contact book information
  2. SMS / inbox information
  3. Call log information

All the above actions do not require any OTP. One’s entire call history can be taken without any OTP.

This application is very useful for that.

After installing this app on your mobile you need to give permission.

Press the PROCEED button.

Then in that mobile

  • SMS
  • Call log
XML file as well.
  • SMS
  • Call log
  • WhatsApp chat
  • Contact
  • SMS Statistics
  • Call log statistics

All these can be saved in PDF FILE.

how to get call history of any mobile number

There is no need for any escape for this.

Important Note : You need call history for this mobile or you need to install this app on that mobile. It is wrong to install this application on your mobile and enter other people’s number to take call history. After installing this app on their phone, they can back up their entire call history within two minutes, share it on WhatsApp, close it and leave.

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PDF BACKUP (Printable)

Click on the Click Continue button in this section.

  1. General call log
  2. SMS
  3. WhatsApp chat
  4. Contact
  5. Special contact log
  6. SMS Statistics
  7. Call Statistics

There are many options like this and you can select whatever you need.

General cal log

General Call Logo Click this button and when you go in, the start date and end date are given in the top part, change the date to your required days.

Next up

  • Call log details
  • Only dialed calls
  • Only missed calls
  • Only received calls

You have to select the option you need.

call history tamil app

Enter the file name you want to backup. After that click on the export to pdf button.

call history details tamil

After that give Allow. Now you will have all the necessary Cal Cal logo details. After that you can click on the 3 darts above and share this file on WhatsApp.

This is a best app for taking call history.

Premium user

Use this app without ads. Monthly installments are Rs 280, 6 months Rs 700 and one year Rs 1500.

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