Enable Voice Screen Lock in Any Android Phone

Enable Voice Screen Lock in Any Android Phone

Voice Screen Lock

Hello friends. Today in this post we are going to show you how to unlock phone screen with your voice. We will see that in this post.

Voice Screen Lock












Generally, our mobiles have swipe lock, pattern lock, pin lock, password lock, face lock, but there is no voice lock.

For this our application will be used for its download link. Given below. Click on it and download it very easily.

App Name : Voice Screen Lock

More than ten million people have downloaded this app from Google Play Store. They are using this app.

After setting up your voice using the app. It will automatically unlock after hearing your voice.

Your voice password that you set. When you talk on your phone the lock will open. This is a completely new screen lock.

How to install this app?

Download the app from the below mentioned category. After installing it on your phone and opening it, you need to allow some parameters.

Voice Screen Lock

  • Voice lock screen
  • Lock screen status
  • Lock type
  • security type
  • button style

Lock screen status should be turned on. Now set the password in your voice.

Voice Screen Lock

Permissions are all required to use your voice lock.

  • Overly permission
  • Notification access
  • Auto start permission
  • Phone call access

All these should be given on your phone.

Lock Type

Click on Lock Type. Then click on Voice Lock. Create your own voice password. After that create a password pin. After setting the lock status should be turned on.

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Voice Screen Lock (1)

OK, from now on your mobile will open only when you say the voice password.

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