Aadalum Padalum film dance performance

Aadalum Padalum film dance performance

Hello friends. Today we are in this post Aadalum Padalum WhatsApp Group, Facebook Group, Instagram, YouTube etc. There are many Aadalum Padalum Groups.

Aadalum Padalum

Aadalum Padalum

  • Tamil village Record dance… midnight shows
  • Aadalum Padalum is a special event that is often held during temple festivals.
  • This Aadalum Padalum show costs at least one and a half lakhs.
  • Aadalum Padalum is a great show that can be enjoyed by everyone, from the young to the old, male and female.

Aadalum Padalum program starts at 7 pm and goes on till 11 pm. The program will continue for about 3 hours. Here you will play audio of Kuthu songs, love songs from cinema through radio ▶️. They dance to the songs. In this, some actors will entertain people by dressing up as actors.

Crowds of people throng to witness this Aadalum Padalum performance.

Dancers performing in this Aadalum Padalum show are mostly found in Salem, Dharmapuri, Tiruchengode, Namakkal.

Many people bring Bengaluru girls from Karnataka to dance here.

In order to protect the people who come to watch the dance and song program, the police station in the area where the program is held should be informed.

To conduct this Aadalum Padalum program in the towns of North District of Tamil Nadu at Chennai High Court. For cities in southern districts, permission or order should also be obtained from the Madurai High Court. Otherwise the police will not grant permission to hold the event. For the safety of the people, the organizers of the town should write a petition to get permission from the court and send security guards to the concerned police station.

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Especially if Namakkal district. People need to get permission from SP office for protection.

Names of groups performing Aadalum Padalum

  • கானா பாய்ஸ் YouTube link 👉 https://www.youtube.com/@ganaboys8231
  • BS.கார்த்திக் அதிரடி பாயிஸ் நடன நாட்டிய குழு – சிவகங்கை
  • Annai Boys Adal Padal Bangalore Mamtha Dance,
  • கல்லூரி பாய்ஸ் ஆடல் பாடல் 💃💃🔥,
  • சினி பாய்ஸ் கலைக்குழு
  • கல்லூரி பாய்ஸ் நடன கலைக்குழு
  • டைட்டானிக் நடன கலைக்குழு
  • ரைடர் பாய்ஸ்
  • மெஹா ஹிட் கலக்கல் பாய்ஸ்
  • அசத்தல் போயஸ்
  • திகில் பாய்ஸ்
  • அதர்வா குரூப்ஸ்
  • ராகவா நடன நாட்டிய கலைக்குழு
  • தி கிரேட்தில்
  • அபிநயா
  • ஆடவா


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